Adoration and Admiration

by introspekdt123

I have spent a few days this week with someone I consider to be a jewel. I am reminded that she is such because of the way the conversations we have linger around me when she is gone and put me back in the front row seat where I am amazed by her life contributions. Simply, she is an amazing woman.

One of her most endearing “talks” with me is when she recently stopped me mid-rattle and asked me about a “friend” whom I brought up several times. She asked me “What is it about this man who has you repeating him at points…? and “Is he not worthy of authentic admiration elsewhere..?” I replied to her with silence and from then she retorted my silence with her own. I got it and I understand her position. Why would a woman like myself be consumed in dialog with a man who is attractive, clever, wise beyond his years and unbelievably funny when I have a mate? Why would the thought of me “emotionally cheating” on my partner never reveal itself to me as I made arrangements to speak with Mr. Yougotitall as often as I could? While I answered her with silence, my change in tone after the silence told a testament of oblivion and somehow I have yet to convince myself that I really don’t know why…

Where is this coming from you ask? Well, not more than 2 hours ago I tuned my attention to a family magazine’s “Ask the Editor” column. The Editor in chief also wears a psychotherapists hat and was asked what advice is fitting to give to a young scientist, who typically visits life with logic more so than reality about marriage. The Editor retorted 5 things that are absolutely necessary when discussing marriage and while the first 4 were a blur, number 5 just won’t go away. It was “As a general rule, if there is ANYTHING you cannot discuss with your potential partner, DO NOT MARRY THEM”. Talk about stink bomb, PEW! I’d say that was the best piece of advice I have heard in a while…simple but complex and very, very, very necessary. My logic; I love conversation..especially stimulating ones and by all means I engage in those as often as possible with those I believe are able to reciprocate. My reality; my mate is very different…he indulges in…well…all that fancies him often times leaving me to hang in the wind and dry feverishly .

I have just two questions behind all of this “Am I surrounded by a liquid that holds adoration for hearty conversation or am I engulfed in the idealism of conversation being brought on by admiration? All I know for sure is doc was right…perhaps I should revisit some things and maybe just maybe I should start doing so today…