The Greatest Love of All…in all

by introspekdt123

“I decided long ago never to walk in anyone’s shadow. If I fail, If I succeed at least I lived as I believe. No matter what they take from me, they can’t take away my dignity….Because the greatest LOVE of all is happening to me….”

Today is a day of loss. Today is a day of gain. Today is a day…and one that we should, all and all, take heed to what is left for exchange.

I have never taunted those with drug abuse problems, suicidal tendencies, sickness and/or dis-eases of the mind simply because I know who I am. It’s becomes difficult for me to defend my entire love for humanity while pointing a finger at the few who constantly blare out “let it go or clean yourself up, why don’t cha?” so today I vowed never again to do so. I am hoping this pact will become a promise I can maintain with self for the rest of my days here and then many more.

I feel some kind of way today because millions have mourned the heavenly return of Whitney Houston. Her death was and is still a reminder that those who remain must account for those who have gone on and pointing out shortcomings and illnesses is definitely NOT a way to do so.

I can’t help think about the life and times of Ms. Houston even right now. Could everyone who taunted her not know that the very lyrics I headed this post with meant that she felt as if she deserved an abundant life however that was to come? Could they also mean that her life would be lived despite the approval or condemnation of those who do not agree with her choices? Finally, could  not one of us ever know what is was like to be her before she faced her “downfall” and what it was equally like to sustain herself after it all? Maybe we have it all wrong about her choices and decisions after all, maybe she was a woman who wanted freedom from scolding, comparison and even greatness by the eyes of humans. Perhaps Ms. Houston just wanted to live….? I can’t speak for her at this point or any other but I will say is I held Whitney in a light that will never dim. Good, bad, great or fleeting her gift was boundless and her life will be celebrated by me just as she is, an icon.

While we say farewell, we welcome the time where we can continue to be who we are and if that poses a threat to ourselves and others, we seek assistance and not scorn or be scorned. Let’s all be reminded that life is not always fair but surely it is most likely to always be an exchange.

I salute your goddess Whitney, may you rest in the peace of the divine and continue to bless us with your legacy.