Deep and Feeling. Seats

by introspekdt123

I am often reminded why developing programs, perfecting the literacy platform and even publishing my works remain so very important at least twice a day. Today, I was reminded at least 4 times. 4 being 3 times more than I slowed down enough to really take part and pride in and it led me the blog. 

I truly believe that everyone has the right to live their life according to whom they are. I also believe that the best definer of who and what someone is so that they may live, is that of a book…or several books or just plain written word. 

Swiftly walking down the elongated aisles at the Library today I met the realization that if I could relish there in that space of exploration and timelessness forever that I could do less than “change the world” per se’ and do more to change all that that is NEEDED to be changed. Period.

I won’t rant. I love books and because I do I have to find more ways to love them right into the homes and on the laps of our children…all children. 

Deep Feelings in their seats. QUIET PLEASE.