by introspekdt123

there is a searching that i have convinced myself of needing full attention

there is a putting off that i have convinced myself requires a bit; detention

there is a way and i seem to not acknowledge it for what it is

for the earth in me i try

there is a place that i go to in what appears solemn ways

there is a face that i wear departing, imparting both with last minute plays…no smiles just pale to match the mood of most..a fitting of the inn

then there is the air…most of which has turned to water-sinking and blazing both

for the earth in me i abide

i take here and i take now but what is there to leave for the essence of thee

what kind of fruit will these roots bare if were never to see

for the earth in me i still try

i coincide

i deny

and then after-all i humidify; keep watch of the power of fire and water and yell STEAM

grey lines on blue canvas-a pass given by my evening sun

for the earth in me trying i must embrace spectacles of just THE one