by introspekdt123

There is a boldness amidst the power of a period. Combine that with intention in thought and gather a whole but renewed bout with “supernatural ability”. In my mind of minds, I believe that is exact what happens with and in prayer.

A dear friend who calls me “Oracle” contacted me last evening. The just of his message was an excerpt about his recent struggle with reaching out to me sooner and ultimately ended with a request for prayer. Who am I NOT to oblige in God’s everlasting LOVE? I complied.

After I left the event I drove home. I thought about almost having gotten into a terrible accident on the expressway headed to the event. I thought about having said a “prayer” before I left home asking that I return to my children sound and safe. Prayer.does. This morning in meditation, I thought of my dear friend again. I wrote a prayer poem for him and shared it with him immediately. Here it is:


His Stark

Where only now is a whisper allow a yell
where spaces seem narrow redesigned for swell
unknown dwell
-ing has caused a rift 2 ply
has caused clarity to deny
the very heart and soul of him
Free[that]dome       rings
louder than the tone that blares outside in elsewhere of states
reveal but conceal the brilliance of fate
and albeit wings go lengths and measures appearing above
reminding the heart and soul of him that he is loved.
For those of us who Divinely share, Let us agree now. SELAH!