April 30

by introspekdt123

Tons of bloggers have stated the obvious and that being today (yesterday now seeming how I totally went to bed in the middle of this post)is the last day of National Poetry Month. I had committed to also having blogged about such but realized that I hadn’t kept the pact with myself to share a piece of poetry everyday this month making my “entry” an unrealistic exit. I will say this, however, while I am not pleased with the number of pieces I have portrayed I am pleased with the quality of the pieces. This was the first time that I dedicated a prolonged period to not just writing but also sharing and I am delighted to have done so, no matter how little.

The reality of the creative mind is a fierce one. I just watched a video the other day narrated by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, that just as it was anticipated by the sender gave me a huge glimpse of hope and where it regards to the creative process. Moving toward the place where I can be completely comfortable in my technique and not worried about what will come of it is one the board makes note of.

In the meantime, May has reared. Back home we would say the flowers are upon us from all the April rain. I can’t help but think that still this may be the case right here and right now.

To all my writers, Please by all means n-JOY!