Other Love

by introspekdt123

If most all writing is “encouraged” to tell a story than what exactly is the writing of music born to do? I think its way more than just telling a story…i believe it is able to create a story that we individually own like nothing else. After we own it we then are bestowed with the ability to retell it in our own bliss. It is why I have loved music since before my first plastic encased 45 record player. 

It wasn’t coincedence that I would meet and settle into a life with a partner who is a DJ. Not just any DJ might I add but the best damn DJ this side of heaven! His ear is amazing and while I have a few talents of my own his natural born ability to light up a room with harmony is as pure as the cycle of life. 

I wanted to share his latest project with you all as I am sure some of you may find his gift in style dually intriguing. You can subscribe to the newsletter via the link below and look forward to some amazing rides the back side of note after note! 




His blog can be found here: http://djkoolemdee.blogspot.com/

Please share your thoughts with him. He is always looking for the very best! Thank you good people and by all means, IN-JOY!