by introspekdt123

i am working again
on my relationship with the pen
and for whatever reason out of the best of blue
here alone enters you
your bags are at the door
it appears you’ve come to stay
there is a single dote
and you assume its place
i stand up to greet you and find slow stillness in my pace
so very hard to believe i’ve remembered every detail of your face
your arms, your sweat, your essence; all of your divine creativity
you were always good at picking fine time and today is no exception so I see
what is it I must say to you to release you from my dreams
what is it I must do with myself to recreate things as they seem
what is it I must find and bare down on to stop loving you as I do
what is it I ask as I have asked before, what is left to prove

we both know I capture you whenever south winds come my way
we both know I long for your inequities when you are the furthest away
you and that place in my mind we go to leaves me incredibly raw and perpetually sore
as in the past I ask today that you not come by anymore

you are the reason I don’t love him and I could never be
in the place where blossoms quince all of life’s possibilities
you are the reason I appoint somber when otherwise introspection says all is well
you are the one who has in fact damned me to my own isolation in this hell

I was with you was with you was with you when you left me with now
I was with you and then not and I have yet to figure how
its hard to ask and horrible to wish such a beauty from above
i’ve denied you before but now I cannot, please come well as often as you please beloved

my addling for you is inside