by introspekdt123

it feels as if an apology is due

it looks as if the grantee should be you

but before i bid adieu…and pause this scene

allow me explanation

allow me in between

this jury, this judge, this episode, all an act

was designed to face you but somehow landed you’re back

i can admit at this point that there was an exclusive prevalence

that abhorred any-THING relating to “our” relevance

fuck, it I’m selfish already. just needed you to fill the glass

so i could set it down easy and watch others walk past

to the storefront of my adulation, the place where i could again barter

without care for your feelings, without care for your obvious honor

it’s no wonder this world i reside in leaves me unclothed

naked with intention, resulting in greed as my robe

i started out loving you and i shall end in the same manner

your case has officially been transferred to collections

please have at her