turn it up (level)

by introspekdt123

no idea

not one that ever said that i could catch this much

not one even with many that could compare to finality’s touch

this was abrupt, but steel feeling unparalleled while positioned for me to maintain

“she performing a query, her pitch promises to be insane”

I heard the organizer whisper

Had this been orchestrated

Had it been contemplated

Considered by those powers that enormously are to be

If it had I was uncertain, one would think they would have informed me

substantial glee

the stage

those lights

unable to stare out

without regard to might

so elevated played on

drew the energy inside

but after what seemed prolonged seconds

no other place was there to hide

i was snapping fingers and moving about

had a rhythm inside so mighty that it chose to permeate out

had never been privy to such beat

had never lined up said ego to such a feat

from where i rest right now, i still feel the beat


beat as if worn

beat like scorn

beat in such a way

that I introduced myself to a new scale of say

kept beating, fears clutched and seating for only those who wanted a place in awe

my time had finally come and suddenly greatness in destiny now didn’t seem so far

who is another to tell me i know not a star

how par

take for this course that I have immediately chosen

there is no ramification greater than this door to never have closed and

i will use the time that follows to celebrate this as success

pad and paper, curtains draped inward as the director calls NEXT

up to bat

today’s catch

a degree