44 days

by introspekdt123

No thumbs up, no new follows, no talk of any sorts in the last 44 days.
What brings me here?
What seperates me in this place from all of the other there is in this world at only here? What can do such a thing?
I realize that in trying to figure what it is that I am doing here that I have somehow sent signals out for more than just direction but also in patience in a vector like pose and a soft waters to help me enjoy the heat of it all when the straglers begin arriving. The help has arrived.
I know so…I feel it to be…and I accept it as it is.
It’s been 44 days since I have come here and sought my parking be validated by this establishment that I so proudly own.
44 days of blessings. 44 days of all that life can give.
I bow.