by introspekdt123

Wish I had some glasses that could change this time
The ones I have only hold the whine..of those things died
On a vine..
Loud enough for neighbors to hear
A startling trajectory
Furthest from near
You are once again
Staying up all night to avoid the pain
Of laying next to me, pity in the middle
How when and where did such between us dwindle
Last CD on the spindle
Has recorded muffled and moans
Done got so used to co-sleeping with our son that sex don’t make me feel so grown
The last 4 years
Did that for certain ones that asked
Those were the ones who never knew a flask
of tears existed in tote and over the phone outside of hours on end
My lamenting
My descend-
DEAD now
All gone
It’s been 6 months since we separated
This last month was when life opened up and illustrated a presence having shone
On me and so back to have to begin
Thought about you afterall and how you were actually a good friend
Despite my impend-
ING and personal demise
Emotions rise
And I wanna call you and say
I miss you, come home love. Today.