2015 is the year to be vocal. #literally

by introspekdt123

December 24, 2013 was the day I shut everything down. I had because 2013 was a helluva year and I needed 7 full days of reflection, clarity, prayer, and meditation. Fast forward to December 24, 2014 when I realized that 365 days had passed and that 2014 had also been a helluva year that called for 7 days of reflection, clarity, prayer, and meditation. I found myself asking a few very important questions about the years preceding and what I came up with for answers weren’t as transparent as I’d liked so I kept asking questions and started listening to some of the responses.

One of those personal answers was that I needed to spend more time doing what I truly love, which is writing, and less time doing what I don’t (more on that another day). And so with that answer I’d promised myself that I would spend more time working as Imagiread as well and vowed to publish two more children’s books this year. If you’ve skimmed over my blog for the previous years you’d see that I focused on my poetry for a majority of it. I’m also a vocalist so poetry is a love I moonlight with every now and then. I’ll be writing more of that too along with some of the other things I’ve always wanted to write. My first project-my experiences driving for Uber. Read my first digest here and stay tuned. This year ahead is most certainly going to be one that’s more vocal. #literally